Introduction: An Easy Guide on How to Cut Your Own Flirty Bangs

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If you constantly admire the hairstyles of people who sport fabulous bangs, then you need to incorporate it to your own hairstyle. It is a fact that bangs remain to be one of the most fancied hairstyles exhibited by women as they are relatively easy to achieve and suit most faces. The secret on how to cut flirty bangs lies in the following basic principles.

Be in a comfortable position

Sit up straight on a comfortable chair in front of a mirror. Ensure it is large enough to see your whole head as you don’t want to strain your neck turning left and right and make mistakes with length.

Step 1: Tie Your Hair in a Ponytail

Put your hair that’s not to be cut and tie it aside in a ponytail, then comb the chosen area whether it is a side swept or straight across or front downwards. This enables you to see where you are cutting.

Comb a small amount of hair between your fingers

Run your fingers towards the end of the hair and securely hold them without overstretching your hair. Since hair snaps back in its natural form, give some allowance as overstretching may cause overcutting and shorter than expected results.

Step 2: Cut From the Middle Outwards

Snip the desired amounts from the middle outwards. Place the comb below your hair to the place where you desire them to reach your forehead. Thereafter, having a vertical grip on your scissors, make a few cuts below the comb. This should start from the middle towards the outer left corner of your fringe.

Step 3: Work Your Way Towards the Right Side

Thereafter, beginning from the middle of your bangs, trim towards the right side keeping in mind that less is more. Repeat the process with the next small amount of hair until you complete the task.

Step 4: Trim the Outer Left Side

Holding your scissors at 45 degrees and guided by the comb, gently cut into your bangs moving to the outer left side of your hair. The look you are after is straight hair across your forehead and longer towards the edges.

Step 5: Trim the Outer Right Side

To trim the right side of your bangs, follow the same steps above. Constantly check to ensure you don’t cut too much.

Step 6: Check to See If They Are Even

Moving your fringe with your fingertips, confirm whether the bangs fall where you desired them to. If this is not so, go through the cutting process again.

Step 7: Brush Away Tiny Hairs

If you are satisfied with your trim job, brush away any tiny hairs off your face. You can use a brush to do this.

Step 8: Style the Hair As Desired

You can now go ahead and style your hair as desired, giving your bangs that perfect look.