Introduction: An Eye

here is vid if does not work download first


Step 1: Step 1 the Start

start off by drawing an oval or circle with a pen or pencil

Step 2: Step 2 Getting Closer

then draw a smaller version of your shape as that will be your pupil

Step 3: Step 3 Dis Helps With Colouring

now draw lines in the area which is not the pupil to know roughly where your colouring in each shade of colour

Step 4: Step 4 Lighting Is Important You Know

then draw a curved shape in the pupil to give a light effect and to make it a little cutter

Step 5: Step 5 Finally Drawing Time

now use either your lightest shade of colour or darkest shade depending on your choice and colour the part of the top which you want to colour

Step 6: Step 6 I Think I'm Starting to Taste Victory

next get the middle shade of colour and colour in as much as the middle area you want

Step 7: Step 7 Almost There

Now finish of with the last shade and colour the remaining part of the iris

Step 8: Step 8 Come on Almost Finished

next colour in the pupil but not the lighting area from earlier on

Step 9: Well Your Finished

your done

Round of applause to you