Introduction: An OCD's Guide to Organizing Wires

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Last night, while i was scavenging through my toolbox, i found the perfect pair of wires

but then daaaang, they were u g l y. so messy and all tangled up!

so it got to a point that i even thought of braiding the damn thing but wait, an idea came in,

Why not glue them together?

so i ran to my toolbox and brainstormed with myself and yeah, rest assured that you'll never go back to braiding or taping wires together.

so yeah, ocd or not, you're gonna love this.

let's start!

Step 1: Organizing Your Materials

yeah that's right, organize.

It's prety simple actually, you'll just need

  • Masking tape
  • Unorganized wires
  • A tube of superglue

Step 2: Combing Your Wires Out

Go grab your frizzed up wires just like in the first picture and straighten them out

i know you guys will do just about everything to get them perfectly straight

.....maybe to a point that you'll be using a comb??

okay so now tape the ends together. ALIGN IT!

Step 3: Sticking the Wires Together

so go take a strip of masking tape and lay out the wires.

make sure they're aligned!!!

Once you've gone through the whole length of your wires, tape the other end of your group of wires to a wall

and start squeezing out some superglue so the adhesive rolls all the way down, evenly coating each strand.

(dang i just sounded like some hair commercial right there)

and that's about it. just let it dry and peel it out

Step 4: If I Fits I Sits

ahh nothing beats perfection. imean just look at those frizzy wires sitting on those pins...what an eyesore.

But if you followed my guide, oh you'll never have to braid no wires, oh hell no.

so yeah, that's just about it ocd or not, your wires will thank you.

stay organized


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