An Old Frame and Chicken Wire Upcycled Into a Jewelry Hanger!



Introduction: An Old Frame and Chicken Wire Upcycled Into a Jewelry Hanger!

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The frame was in four pieces but by some kind of miracle I had not lost any of them. I took it downstairs to my workshop, cleaned every piece thoroughly and then I grabbed all of my clamps. With some wood glue and another little piece of wood added to the back for extra support I was able to get the whole frame glued and clamped together.

Step 1: Now Brad Nails for Extra Support, Paint and Chicken Wire!

From there I flipped it over and added several 1″ brad nails around it before carefully removing the clamps. Phew! It worked! I added a couple more brads to be safe and was quite happy that it didn’t fall a part. Here’s the thing, normally I would have sanded this down and stained it but the wood details were FAR too delicate and I hated how dark it was, seemed like all those pretty little details were just lost. So, I put two coats of white paint on it first and then I did a little very light and very careful sanding.

Next I cut the chicken wire to fit into the frame and carefully stapled it down.

Step 2: Finished Frame!

I hung it up in my master bedroom and covered the whole thing with all of my favorite dangly earrings! Can you tell I’m kinda stoked about this? I’m excited! I’ve never had a jewelry hanger before and this was a pretty simple project that would work with just about any kind of frame.

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