Introduction: An Unusual Use of a Wire Hanger

Wire hangers provide a readily available, steel wire, raw material for projects.

Step 1: Broken Skimmer Basket Handle

Pool Skimmer Basket Replacement Handle:

The basket handle of a pool skimmer basket can break, which will make it difficult to remove it for cleaning. Figure 1 shows a skimmer basket, with out a handle, in the skimmer. Because the lip of the skimmer basket is held in a recessed groove in the skimmer, there isn't a way to grip it and removing it will be difficult. Figure 2 shows the skimmer basket, without a handle, that was remove from the skimmer.

Step 2: Making the Handle

A handle, that can easily remove the basket from the skimmer, can be made from a wire hanger. Figure 3 shows a common wire hanger, that is made from 0.086 inch diameter wire, with two cut marks and a bend point. Figure 4 shows the resulting wire form after cutting and bending.

Step 3: Using the Handle

The wire form works as a handle by inserting the turned up ends of the wire form into the openings in the skimmer basket. Figure 5 shows the wire form ends, inserted in the basket's openings, about 180 degrees apart. Figure 6 shows the basket, with the wire form, in the skimmer and now the basket can be easily remove from the skimmer.

The wire hanger is made of steel and will rust if left in the water continuously, which will stain pool parts exposed to it. Use the wire form to remove the basket but do not leave it with the basket while it is in the skimmer.

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