Introduction: An Actual Origami Cube Without Cutting, Glueing, or Modules! :o (fujimoto Cube)

This will show you how to make Fujimoto's origami cube. Square paper is needed, and thick paper makes a better cube. Note cards would make an awesome cube! :)

Disclaimer: I took the pictures with a Nintendo DSi. Thank you for making those, Nintendo!

Another Disclaimer: I do not own the design for this cube. Credit for the design goes to Shuzo Fujimoto.

Step 1: Cut the Card (Skip This Step If You Are Starting With a Square)

Okie dokie, so you have a note card most likely if you are doing this step. Now fold the card diagonally as shown in picture 2. Crease using your finger nail(you will be creasing with your finger nail this whole time).Now look at picture 4. Crease where the box tells you to. Now tear on the crease. If you need help as to where to tear, look at picture 5(but don't tear with just two fingers! Use both hands!). Picture 6 shows the result if you did it right.

Step 2: The Tedious Part

If you started at this part, look at picture 1. Crease the square in half diagonally(with your finger nail). Look at picture 2. Now, crease the square in fourths horizontally and vertically as shown(blatently with your finger nail). Picture 3 shows the result if you creased correctly. Now crease diagonally in the direction equal to that of the crease made in picture 1. If you need help, look at pictures 4, 5, and 6. Picture 7 shows the end result of this step.

Step 3: The Hard Part

I will try to explain this step the best way I can. This shouldn't be too hard(hopefully) if you creased right. Fold it in half horizontally so that the opening is pointing down(picture 1 can help). Now slide the square that is second from the left(on the bottom) diagonally, so it overlaps the leftmost square on the top. See if it matches pictures 2 and 3. If it matches them, then onward to step 4.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Fold along the creases as shown in the pictures.

Step 5: Completion

Congratulations, you have just successfully made a Fujimoto cube! You can do anything you want with it. Dice, decoration, bb gun practice, or even a transforming cube(may require multiple cubes)! Enjoy! :)