Introduction: An Alternative to a Buster Collar for a Dog With a Wound on Its Belly

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Our dog took 4 days to get settle with a buster collar then found she could scratch quite close to her wound. We made her pyjamas as an alternative & they are working well.
I used a man's vest and her harness.
NB A buster collar is aka an e-collar or elizabethan collar.

Step 1: The Jamas

They are made from a vest with a couple of patches of stitching along the bottom edge to make leg & tail holes. The shoulder straps are cut so that she can get in. I had to make the leg holes quite narrow to stop her stepping out of the hole and into the 'jamas & looking like she was in a sack race.

Step 2: Putting Them On

The bits of strap that go on the back of your shoulders tie onto the lead ring on her harness and the bits of strap that go up the front of your shoulders tie onto the chest ring of her harness.
Lots of praise & she can be left overnight.