An Office Phone From Your Cell Phone.




Introduction: An Office Phone From Your Cell Phone.

With this guide you can transform an old telephone in a friendly device that uses your mobile phone.

Step 1:


An old telephone.
A 1cm piece of wood larger than your cell and the thickness of 18/20 mm.
A piece of plywood the same size.
A USB extension
Two USB ports taken from an old PC.

Step 2:

Open the phone and remove everything you find inside.

Step 3:

Draw a rectangle with a pen the size of the piece of wood. In my case for a Galaxy S is 80x135. If you need to delete all the holes in the cabinet you can enlarge the size of the piece of wood.

Step 4:

With the cutter or jigsaw  removed the piece of plastic which will be glued a piece of wood.

Step 5:

Now precisely shaped hole that you made using a file and the piece of wood as a measure.

Step 6:

Place your phone in the center of the piece of wood and draw all around the profile sure to draw a little wider.

Step 7:

With the jigsaw cut out the inside, be precise in the cut.

Step 8:

Smoothed with sandpaper good for the inside that were cut. At this point you have to practice a slot to make room for the USB connector to charge the phone. Put the phone on the piece of wood and draw the quarry, cut it and sand it always with the jigsaw.

Step 9:

Take the piece of plywood and glue on the bottom of the piece of wood.

Step 10:

While everything dries prepare the USB ports. I took a laptop broke a piece of card with two ports, you must remove all the components soldered because the ports are connected to each other but there is no hardware that could handle and then create a short circuit.

Step 11:

Once cleaned and cut in the rear of the phone base to track and get an opening.

Step 12:

When you have done the opening, make a hole 4 mm in the base, bring it on the basis of the phone and punched too. Insert a long screw that fastened with a nut and using a nut you can adjust the height of the board. Do not fix it.

Step 13:

Take the piece of wood that has been dried and sand it in all its parts. Then close the phone and placed the wood in the hole that you have obtained, place it well right at the same time make sure that there are plastic parts that prevent its closure.

Step 14:

Reopen the phone, and with the hot glue to fix the piece of wood.

Step 15:

While waiting for the glue to cool, cut the extension cable and drilled on the side of the cave that you have done for the USB ports.

Step 16:

At this point you have to fill the conjunction of the piece of wood and the plastic of the phone. You can use a car body filler.
When the filler is dry sandpaper to sand past the fairing and if necessary the rest of the phone.

Step 17:

Now your device is ready to be painted. For a better grip of the paint can first apply a primer for plastic.

Step 18:

When the paint has dried, insert the USB cable and peel a few centimeters. Use only the red and black wires. Locked with a cable clamp to prevent leakage.

Step 19:

Solder the two wires on the legs of the two USB ports. Follow the diagram and photos to weld them in the appropriate places. The red wire is + and black is ground. Pay attention to the connections and not to short out. The signal wire I have not linked because they are unnecessary and would create problems of conflict in the PC, if the two outlets are completely isolated from each other, then in this case you can connect only one of two outlets.

Step 20:

Now you can place the base on the screw, adjust the height by the end of the nut and lock it with another nut. With hot glue attach the cable and also the base to prevent it from turning on itself.

Step 21:

Before closing the phone permanently glued to one of the old keys to close the holes that had remained open.

At this point it is necessary to coat the inside of the housing of the cell for not ruin it. You can use any materials such as paper velvet, rubber, leather, etc.. I cut a strip of leather from an old belt and pasted it over the edge.

Step 22:

Cut pieces of cardboard to be inserted at the bottom to calibrate the depth of the housing, then coated with a soft material on the bottom.

Step 23:

Well, the phone is finished, you just insert it into your cell.

Step 24:

Now think: beautiful and functional but the handsets where is? The handset has been done previously with this guide. If you want a touch of class you can install this free application. In the pictures you can see to follow even the use of cables for charging the handset and mobile phones.

Good luck and have fun.

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    Hello great design ,i was thinking there could be a way to make this like a docking station type .there are these little usb with charging port about an inch long they are a solid and small .but you could make it where the phone slides in to the male charging receptacle .I hope that made sence ill try to find one and shot you a picture of it .ANY WAY THANK YOU FOR THE INFORMATION AND HAVE A BLESSED HOLIDAY.Timothy Thomas Florida us .


    8 years ago on Introduction

    you can take a blu tooth head set and instal it in that hand set


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I like seeing instructables like this merging new with retro as I am am old duffer and don't like the cell phone culture of miniaturization and non-ergo friendly design. I may get a cell phone and do this and the retro handset. I dislike the lousy audio of cell phones and the cramps I get trying to cradle the stupid thing to my ear and the ear buds are uncomfortable. Thanks for doing this. I have one different design I would do and that is to rework the charging plug other than USB. Other than that this is terrific.

    curious youth
    curious youth

    10 years ago on Introduction

    nice idea ! virtually free (for me anyway) and its so professional looking. kept the box from my galaxy s1 and im just gunna use the foam recess my phone came with !


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Really awesome build! I gotta try this. I like the idea that my phone can be charging and I'll have another handset to answer calls.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    An excellent idea. Using an old telephone as a caddy for a cel phone. Great job!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I have been wanting to do the same project with a Western 2500 phone as the shell, I have a handset from a 2500 that I can already plug into my cell. now I just need the casing from one, and a battery kit(so I can carry it around cord free and still charging). :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    l'ultima cosa che immaginavo di vedere su instructables è un Sirio della Telecom! ahahahha fantastico!

    nice job!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    beh sai comè in Italia ne avranno forniti a milioni :-)