Introduction: Analog Style Led POV Clock With Arduino Nano

This is nice looking analog style Led POV clock

Step 1: Persistence of Vision(POV)

Persistence of Vision (PoV) displays are generally LED displays which ‘shows’ images by displaying a section of an image at a given time, in quick rapid succession. The human brain perceives this as display of a continuous image.

Step 2: Building

On the "hobby project" website is presented this relatively simple but visually effective Analog style face clock. The electronic part contains the Arduino Nano 17 LED Diodes and the Hall Effect Sensor. LED Diode groups d1-d11, d12-d16 and d17 are of different color for better visual effect.The device is powered by a lithium ion battery through a step-up converter.

Step 3: Modification

The most difficult part of the projects for me was mechanical stability. In the first attempt, the battery was set eccentrically and at a higher speed of rotation there was a huge vibration.Then I made a modification and put the battery in the center of rotation.

For rotation I use a 12v electric motor connected to a variable power supply so the speed of rotation of the device can be easy controlled. Depending on the speed of rotation of the device, in the code you need to set the value of "delayMicroseconds" to a determined value. The presented video is not clear enough, because for this purpose I need a camera with a better frames per second .

Step 4: Schematic and Code

In the picture above you can see the schematic of this device


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