Introduction: Anatomy Observation Model

The 1st step of this project was to gather a ton of reference images and anatomy guides of the human body so that i could accurately replicate the human body in layers of skin, muscle, and organs.

The 2nd step of this project was to model out a male torso model from head to lower waist. With this model i could then extract the skin layer followed by the muscle layer and then the organ layer. I also removed the head for easier observation finalizing the 3D modeling.

The 3rd step was to test print this model to see if the separate parts would actually fit together. The size of this model was 3 inches tall and all parts could fit in the palm of your hand.

The 4th step of this process was to print the final observation model. The final model stands 10 inches tall and is completely observational with all the separate parts snapping into place. The muscular layer snaps into the groove of the organ layer, the skin layer lays overtop the muscular layer snapping around the side of the torso. Last but not least the head slides on and off the torso with a male/female interaction.

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