Introduction: Ancient Celtic "War Paint" Sunscreen

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Why I need war paint
I wanted to make war paint for use on sea kayaking expeditions that I guide. We literally live out of our kayaks for 5 days, camping on uninhabited beaches.There are days when I know the going is gonna get tough, and I want to ignite my participants' the inner warriors.  Some days we paddle long distances, some days the weather pushes our progress backward with every paddle stroke. Those days are not only physically but mentally brutal. I want my participants to find warrior qualities - courage, tenacity, confidence and strength, within themselves. War paint is a way for them to physically express a mental state of being. Also, I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of it running in the Warrior Dash.  

Why you should use sunscreen
I wanted a paint that was safe for skin, wouldn't run and wouldn't hurt if it got in someone's eyes. I also wanted it to be functional. What better medium than sunscreen? I've been using Coppertone Water Babies Pure and Simple Tear Free Hypoallergenic Waterproof SPF 50 Sunscreen for several summers with success. It protects my skin, isn't greasy and doesn't sting if I get it in my eyes. So I'm suggesting that specific formula from Coppertone. 

Why Blue?
I chose blue for several reasons. It's my favorite color, its the color of the ocean, and its the color the Ancient Celts wore when they went into battle. Caesar thought they were pretty fierce riding into battle naked and painted blue. 

Here is what you need :
- Coppertone Water Babies Pure and Simple Tear Free SPF 50 Sunscreen
- a mineral pigment that is approved for make-up use. Err on the too dark side, as the sunscreen will lighten it dramatically. I got mine from a seller on etsy:
- a tub or bottle to put your paint in. I found mine lying around the house. 
- a small whisk, spoon, chopstick etc. 
-a jar of oil. baby, olive, veggie any of them will work

Step 1: Squeeze Sunscreen Into Container

Squeeze your sunscreen into your chosen container, but leave room at the top. The paint will move around when you stir and you don't want to get it all over the place. 

Slowly sprinkle your pigment in and mix until you get the right shade. I added little amounts and mixed to get the color I wanted. 
I tested it on my skin to see how blue it looked once I applied it. The weird thing is, the pigment doesn't really blend with the sunscreen, so you don't know how strong the color is until you test it on your skin. Stir some in really well, test and add more if needed. 

What about the oil? Well pigment is a fine powder and tends to get everywhere. If you have white counters, it can stain the counter top. The best way to get it off is to hit it quickly with some oil and a paper towel. I spilled a good amount and it came out using olive oil and a paper towel. 

Step 2: Prepare for Battle!

Finally I got the color I wanted, and ended up using the whole little jar of pigment.  

Now you're ready for battle!

Apply anywhere except your lips (unless you bought pigment approved for use on lips)

** I put this on and it stung a little bit. After a few minutes it went away. Test a small area to make sure you don't react to the pigment before you put it on sensitive areas like your face or on large parts of your body.