Introduction: Ancient Radio to BlueTooth Stylish Speaker

I planned to do this project for a long time, since the first time I've seen the ancient (1956!) Radio in the warehouse. The radio design is classic but the inside ... I wonder if anybody could fix the ancient electronics (is it called "electronics" ??) inside.

So - I took the radio and turned it into a cool BT radio that stands for any need in our living room, the sound quality is surprisingly good, and I am fully satisfied from the project.

So - Components:

  1. Old radio - Mine was manufactured by "Amron" which is an Israeli manufacturer that was once owned by the government, model "Superheterodyne Type 656".
  2. Bluetooth amplifier - 2 x 50W ZK-502C TCXRE from Aliexpress, Link
  3. Speakers - 2 x 60W from Aliexpress, Link
  4. Power supply - 12V 2A DC also Aliexpress Link

Step 1: Cleaning the Radio

First step was to clean the time leftovers from the radio, removing all the dust and vacuuming the whole device, finding electronics that are long lost. Must say there's some beauty to it therefore I decided to leave it in the new speaker in order to give respect to the origins and roots, as a tribute to the makers and engineers of old times.

Step 2: Building the New Electronics

After cleaning and preparing the radio body, I built the electronics and power supply before inserting it into the radio, as mentioned BT amplifier was inserted, I decided to use the old holes and not to make any new openings in the body of the radio, the concept was "Restoration" and not building something new from the old. It is why I also added two light bulbs inside that are powered by a separate switch, to make it also functional as night light for the living room.

Step 3: Transplant: Inserting the Electronics Into the Body, Building Supports

Since the new system needed to be mounted inside the radio, double speakers support was made to replace to old mono speaker, but the sound continues to from the same opening in the radio, also the light switch and the volume switch can be seen. The power supply was mounted on the wall, and the amplifier in the bottom.

Step 4: 3D Printing Missing Knobs Using Fusion360

As can be seen in the frontal image, the radio was missing 2 knobs, fortunately I have a calliper, Fusion360 knowledge and a 3D printer. I made a model and the printed the missing knobs, the result exceeded my expectations!

(the STL file is attached, print, and in case you find a radio - you're good! ;)

Step 5: Enjoying the Creation

Finally, the BT speaker moved from the warehouse to the living room, not before it was sanded and repainted (not documented), Any music, radio or podcast is welcomed. it specially likes old jazz, probably something from another life.

Ahh - and the sound is great too !

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