Introduction: Andee Sentry Gun With Annikken Andee

Do you have a project that can control a missile system and laser with an Android or iOS device? We are not talking about the real missile systems, but our Andee Sentry Gun model that has 6 barrel of ammunition to unleash fire power on your next enemy!

Download our Control Panel (Graphical User Interface) or create your own in Arduino IDE and you are ready for an awesome weapon system!

We were at the Bay Area Makers Faire and many of you have been asking about our Andee Sentry Gun with Apple Watch and smartphone. We have created a step by step instruction on how assembly the project.

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Not sure what is Annikken Andee, go to to find out more!

Step 1: Assemble the Base

1) Take the plastic arm with two longer ends and two shorter ends, and cut off the longer ends.

2) Place it in the base with the cup facing up.

3) Screw it in from the back using the very tiny screws.

4) Take a servo motor and click it into the plastic arm located in the base.

5) Screw it in from the back using the small screw.

Step 2: Assemble the Top

1) Place the top piece and the second servo motor together such that the screw terminals on both sides line up.

2) Screw it in using the longest bolts. Patience is key! This will take a while...

Step 3: Assemble the Sides

1) Locate the plastic arm that has only a single extension. Cut a millimetre off.

2) Snap it onto the side piece with the hole.

3) Take the servo motor with the top piece attached and pop it into the plastic arm connected to the side piece.

4) Screw it in.

5) Take the other side piece and snap it together with the first side piece onto the first servo motor attached to the base.

Step 4: Attach Missile and Servo Cables to Breadboard

1) Extending from the turret you will see yellow, white, red, and black wires. Cut the red and black wires for those will not be necessary.

2) Solder the white and yellow wires to a couple pins.

3) On the breadboard, insert the white wire at rail 1 and the yellow wire at rail 2.

4) Insert a wire connecting rail 1 to rail 5.

5) Insert a transistor lined up from end to end at rails 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

6) Take the top servo cable and insert it, using pins, with the orange wire at rail 6, red at rail 7, and black at rail 8.

7) Take the bottom servo cable and insert it, using pins, with the orange wire at rail 9, red at rail 10, and black at rail 11.

8) You are now ready to wire everything to the Arduino!

Step 5: Wire the Turret to the Arduino

1) Connect Arduino 5V to the power rail on the breadboard.

2) Connect Arduino ground to the ground rail on the breadboard.

3) Connect rail 3 to Arduino A2.

4) Connect rail 4 to the power rail.

5) Connect rail 5 to the ground rail.

6) Connect rail 6 to Arduino A0.

7) Connect rail 7 to the power rail.

8) Connect rail 8 to the ground rail.

9) Connect rail 9 to Arduino A1.

10) Connect rail 10 to the power rail.

11) Connect rail 11 to the ground rail.

Step 6: Assemble the Laser

1) Solder a black jumper wire to the blue wire of the laser. Secure the connection with heat shrink.

2) Solder a red jumper wire to the red wire of the laser. Secure the connection with heat shrink.

3) Connect the black wire to the ground rail and the red wire to Arduino A3.

Step 7: Final Assembly

1) Attach the turret to the top with tape or glue.

2) Attach the laser to a spot of your choice on the turret.

Step 8: Upload Arduino Code

1) Go to and from there download the Andee Sentry Gun Arduino code from the Resources page, and upload to Arduino, if you cant find the code or the page email us at

Then, you are all set to go! Have fun building your own Andee Sentry Gun!