Introduction: Anderson Power Pole Battery Charger Extension Cable

Anderson power pole connectors are used on a lot of devices that you buy, rent or make yourself. They can be expensive as I found out when I wanted to buy one. So whats the next best alternative to buying a pre-made cable, that's right, we are makers.

So making your own professional cable is a lot more simple than you might think and the quality is fantastic too.

You will need a few components and a few simple tools.

The components you will need are:

  • 30 amp connector Anderson connector we used RS Components

  • 14 gauge silicon wire we used amazon and
  • nylon mesh 6mm from ebay
  • 8mm heatshrink from ebay

The tools you will need are:

  • Automotive crimpers
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire cutter
  • Heat source to shrink the heat shrink wrap

Step 1: Cut Cables and Protect in Sheath

Cut two, 1 meter lengths of both the red and black power cable.

Feed these into the nylon mesh that have been cut to 97cm long.

Add two 4cm length segments of heat-shrink and slide these down both ends.

Step 2: Components to Be Processed

We now need to collect four Anderson crimps and 2 black and 2 red Anderson connections.

Step 3: Strip Cable Ends

Using the cable strippers, select the right size for the gauge you are working with. In our case its 14 gauge.

Remove the last 5mm from each of the cable ends.

Twist the wire so that they are neat and do not have any strands that can get caught in our Anderson crimp.

Step 4: Crimp Connectors Onto Cable at Each End

Insert an Anderson crimp onto each wire.

Carefully crimp the wire using an Anderson crimp or use a set of pliers like shown in the photos.

Step 5: Insert Connector Into Plug

Use needle nose pliers to slide the crimped cable into the Anderson connector. Be care full, get then the right way round. is possible to get them out but it is much easier not to have to.

Step 6: Heat Shrink Protective Shealth to Plug

Slide one section of heat-shrink up and over the wire and mesh and heat to produce a neat professional finish.

Your cable is now complete and looking very professional. When you are ready you can slip the two Anderson connectors together to give you a connecting block. We made 20 cables using this instructable and the client we produced them for was exceptionally happy. The cables are wear resistant, strong and very easy to use.

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