Introduction: Andre and Abi's Robotics Project

Hey Guys!!! This is Abi and I's project. We made a Clap On - Clap Off light, like from the commercials. We had a lot of ups and downs but the project was overall fun!

Step 1: Description

The entire circuit of sound operated light is designed and builds around an operational amplifier. The sound coming from outside is senses by microphone and converts it to corresponding electrical signal where sensitivity of sound is controlled by potentiometer. One will have to clap one to turn the light on. If one wants the light to come off, they will need to clap again. The bulb from sound operated light is connected to AC source through relay contact as shown in circuit diagram. Although it doesn’t mean that the sound will have to be of Clap sound, it can be any sound having the same high pitch as of Clap. We can also say that it converts the Sound energy into the Electrical Energy, because we are giving an input to the circuit as a sound whereas the Circuit gives us the output as a LED glow.

Step 2: Circuit

Step 3: Components

Step 4: How Our Project DID Look

So the first picture is how our project looked when we first got it to work, and the second pic is after we finished soldering our project to make it look fancy. Unfortunately, the blobs of solder were too big (as shown in the next slide), and we believed we had a shortage. Because of all this mess, we had to redo our whole project again and make it look how it did in the beginning...

Step 5: How Rough Our Solder Looked

Step 6: How Our Project Looks Now!!

Step 7: 1 Major Technological Problem

One major problem we encountered was a shortage in our wire. When we had to convert our project from the soldering breadboard back to the regular breadboard, we couldn't get it to work. We looked through the code, and rechecked our resistors; but we could not locate the issue. Luckily, Abi thought to switch out the wires thinking that there might be a shortage in one of them, and there was! It's crazy to think that someone's project can be malfunctioning, not because of code or building, but because of a random wire shortage.

Step 8: Improvement

An improvement we could do would be to:

  1. Correctly solder our circuit
  2. Add a relay
  3. Add more/stronger lights