Introduction: Android 3D Printer Control

A simple tutorial about Reprap Control android application.

Step 1: Download From Play Store

You can find the application named Reprap Control on play store :

Source and release :

Once installed, tap "OPEN".

Step 2: Select Port and Parameters

Change parameters like BaudRate according to your machine.

Tap "PORT SELECT" to choose in which way you want to connect.

Reprap Control provides three ways, I will use USB OTG direct connection.

Tap "USB", select your port, then click on Android's "Back" button to return to the previous page.

A dialog box will appear, of course, press "OK", this dialog box will appear twice, you press "OK."

Step 3: Connect and Prepare

Press "CONNECT".

On success the bottom of the screen display a bunch of firmware information captured by the printer.

Tap on "AXIS" to prepare the printer (home axis, set temperature...)

Step 4: Print From SD Card and Enjoy...

Tap on "SD CARD".

Select the gcode file to print (here i2supp~1.g).

It takes few seconds to load and tap on "Start/Resume".

Enjoy your print...