Introduction: Android + Arduino + Bluetooth Controlled RC Toy

Hi Techies this is ma first project using Arduino.This is a simple project. I thank other instructable members in solving ma issues.

This toy can be controlled using touch control else using your accelerometer of your phone.

For any clarification contact me :p

This project is about a android app controlled, arduino device using 2 motors.

Let's Rock..!

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Step 1: Components Req..

The used components are easy available @ low cost.

If u have further innovative ideas u can couple it.. the components ive mentioned are juz the essentials.

  1. Arduino USB-328
  2. Power Bank+mini usb cable for power source to arduino (u can use other power sources too..)
  3. A PC\Lap for burning your code.
  4. A Android phone to control your device.
  5. Motor Driver L293
  6. Bluetooth module (HC-05)
  7. 2-DC motors with Wheels
  8. 9v-battery for power to the motors
  9. Base to fit your components
  10. Few-Jumper clips & connecting wires

Step 2: Connections:

Connections are simple.

Follow ma digital connection diagram if u hav any doubts follow below.

Arduino Setup:

connect your arduino to the power bank or other power souce (Not while coding,while coding connect directly to your usb slot of PC/Lap)

Bluetooth Module to Arduino:

Module Arduino board

VCC --------} 3V (Power)

GND--------} Gnd (Power)

TXD --------} RX0 (Digital)

RXD --------} TX1 (digital)

Motor Driver To Arduino:

Power: V+--------} 5v (Power)

Gnd-------} Gnd (Power)

INPUT: A1--------} D5 (Digital)

A2--------} D6 (Digital)

B1--------} D9 (Digital)

B2--------} D10 (Digital)

Motor Driver To Motors:

i've choosen motor A for Left And Motor B for right

MA1--------} A Motor -ve (Black)

MA2--------} A Motor +ve (Red)

MB1--------} B Motor +ve (Red)

MB2--------} B Motor -ve (Black)

Connections are accomplised.. :p

Now Just fix it on ur style to the base.

Step 3: Coding:

I've juz coded this by referring other sites. Its working great for ma circuit conncection.

I hav used Arduino v1.0.52 software to burn the code.(Available on legal arduino site)

I've Attached ma INO file download It and burn it on your Device.

else u need the code copy it from ma text file

Make sure u hav selected your device correctly.

Step 4: Setting Up Your Android Device:

Dowload your App from the Play store:

This is the latest version

Android bluetooth rc mobile app :

Since ive faced some lag in it choose the previous version of it:


The operation of this app is very simple Juz connect your Bluetooth module using the setting.

once your device is connected the red icon will change into Green.

if you wish to conrol your car using Buttons select buttons,else select accelerometer to control using motion of your device.

Step 5: Having Fun :D

U've done. Have fun with your custom made toy/Robot.

working video uploaded ..

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:p Believe in SanTech :p

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