Introduction: Android Belt Buckle

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ever wanted a self changing Belt buckle. so you can where a hundred or so diffrent belt buckles in one day? how about having a police siren on a belt buckle? well I had so I took my old and obselute HTC hero and transformed it into something I wear everyday. a belt buckle

WARNING: this will repurpose a obselute phone. not recemonded for your everyday phone

This is my first instructable please tell me what you think

Step 1: What You Will Need

a old obsulete android phone
a drill
a small drill bit ( I did this about a week ago and dont remember what size I used)
2 zip ties
a old hangar and 1 small screw ( you can use those heads of yours to pick a good size.)

Step 2: Setting the Battery Cover to Be a Belt Buckle

1. Drill 4 holes ( make sure when you drill them that you are drilling from the inside of the battery cover that way the phone back will closenear the end of your phone that the camera is not on.( so that they make a box. look at the picture.)

2.cut 8 1/2 inches off a hangar. make sure its the straight part

3.measure 1 and 1/2 inches from the end of your piece of hangar and bend it at a 90 degree angle. measure another 1 and 1/2 inches and do the same. do this untill you have four corners and made a sqaure with two 1 and 1/2 inches overlapping eachother.

4. lay the hangar in between your 4 holes.  the part that goes there is the part of the hangar that is overlapping)so that it goes from top to bottom of your phone. ( do this in landscape so the phone is longways on your belt)

5 zip tie across the hangar holding it in place.

6. now for the actual buckle. put your small screw into the camera part of the phone. not through the glass but underneath the glass.

7. out the battery cover on the phone. this is a tight fit as the phone is not designed to hold zipties in their as well. ( I think after I get a new sd card Im gonna superglue the battery into the battery slot then superglue the back to the battery. just to keep it from falling off)

8. you can now wear it around. as you now have a sexy belt buckle. but it is missing the rest of the neat features like a easy to operate os and some neat apps.

Step 3: OS

I have a rooted hero so first thing I did was grab a low power using OS. just google for one.
I use a app called  Custom Car Home as my launcher.
I do this by
1.downloading Custom Car Home
2. downloading TargetHomeLauncher. 
3. setting TargetHomeLauncher as my default launcher
4. going into Target homeLauncher and settign Custom Car Home as my home screen.

Step 4: Apps I Have Installed

a clock app. (cause who doesnt want a clock on their belt.
Police Siren 
Led Scroller. (I use this the most.)
Slideshow app. ( for displaying a multitude of belt buckles. just by loading their picture)
Tap Bongos. ( cause all the cool kids play the Bongos)
Volume control 
strobe light

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