Android Dimmer

Introduction: Android Dimmer

This is an android dimmer which also works by hand,

The power on the servo's is only there when it's android operated with a HC-05.

it works with an Pro mini atmega168 or 328

The program drives a servo which drives 3Dprinted gears on a simple triac dimmer,

so you can control any lightbulp by hand or phone or tablet.

Step 1: Build Dimmer

First i did build a simple bulpdimmer on a cheap pcb, you alwayskeep in mind

the voltage can be dangerous , all parts including the potentiometer have high voltage !!

Step 2: Circuit Building

First order your stuf from the picture above, i got mine from ebay, but you can buy them anywhere.

don't forgot to order the buck converter and the 9 gram servo(s)

I did build it on a pcb as you can see,

Before connecting the power to the board, be sure the adjusted power does'nt exceed 5 volt !!

This cicuit does'nt only dim a bulb, it also controls a fan, wich i use for my Bbq.

If you don'nt need this you just leave the parts away.

Step 3: Programming

You have to program the Pro mini atmega 128 and here is the program.

Step 4:

Here are the files to print the gears on a 3D printer.

Step 5: Enjoy It

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Interesting project, just one question: instead of controlling it through servo and potentiometer why didn't you choose to control directly the triac?

    leo smout
    leo smout

    Reply 4 years ago

    If you want to turn the light on and you don't have your phone, handcontrol comes in handy, that's the hole idea !


    4 years ago

    What a great idea!