Introduction: Android Mobile G-sensor Controlled Robo Car Via Bluetooth

Hi friends video show you how to control a robocar with Gravity sensor (G-Sensor) of your smartphone.

This car is controlled by Bluetooth, you can control with g-sensor or joystick control. Its very simple to make. Joystick can be operated in the normal mode by moving the slider with your finger.

Step 1: Hardware Required:-

1. Arduino nano - 1

2. Bluetooth module HC-05 - 1

3. L293D (motor driver) - 1

4.Geared DC Motor s- 2 nos

5. Motor Wheels - 2nos

6. Front Wheel - 1

7. Power bank or Battery 9V - 1 or 2 as requires

8. connecting wires.- as required

9. Smartphone or Tablet - 1

10. LED - 1

11.330 ohm resistor - 1

Step 2: Projects Screen Shots:-

1. H-Bridge L293D - Motor Driver

L293D is IC which is commonly used as a H-bridge. There are also other IC’s like L298 etc. but in this tutorial, we will see how we can use L293D.

2. Bluetooth Module

HC-05 or 06 chip of Bluetooth module solderes to the module board containing DC-DC converter and level conversion RX and TX signals. Chip HC-05 needs power of 3.3V, but thanks to the converters, you can connect this module to the boards power by 5V.

3. RemoteXY

RemoteXY is easy way to make and use a mobile graphical user interface for controller boards to control via smartphone or tablet.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram:-

Step 4: Project Output:-