Introduction: Android Robo Stand/Biking Computer

This is a Idea I came up with because I'm sick of my LG Optimus F3 falling off my bike so i decided to make one of my old phones into a bike computer/stand and I decided to pick the Huawei M835 because of it's easy to remove battery cover and it's a low cost phone which is easy to replace if it get broken and not gonna have 3G service it's gonna run GPS off my Mobile Hotspot on my LG Optimus F3 for navigation and other apps

Step 1:

First You will a Android Device with a easy back cover that slides and disconnects because this gonna be glued on to prevent the phone from falling off during travel Such as the Huawei M835 for this builds exampleYou will need 3 A Dynex Bicycle/Car Mount which you can find your local Best Buy for 20.00A Huawei M835 and the reason I choose this because of it's size and the Anoid Operation System which is 2.2 Froyo and finally you will need Super Glue

Step 2: Apply Super Glue and Get Apps for Your New Biking Computer

Place Your Battery Lid in the center of the holder with super glue and apply that's it and there are a lot of apps from Google Play and you can use Bluetooth or wired headphones for music