Introduction: Android Security Cameras

About: Computer Science student in the UK

It's common to have a couple of old or outdated android phones lying about collecting dustThen it occurred to me, why not turn it into a local wireless surveillance camera? I decided to do just that. Basically, what I am about to show you is how to turn an old android phone with a camera into a local wireless surveillance camera so you can spy on people in your house.

Step 1: Step 1

First off,  you.'ll need some form of android phone with a camera,  and some other device capable of using the internet e.g.  laptop,  pc,  tablet,  another phone etc.  

1. Download an app called IP Webcam from the play store. This use your phone to broadcast video over your home network. #
2. Once this is done, open the app and scroll down the list until you come to the bottom and see the 'start server' button. Click that.
3. Conceal the phone somewhere discreet. Make sure the camera has a good view of the room you want to spy on. You might want to plug it in, as it may lose power quickly.
4. Make note of the IP address and port number at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Step 2

On your camera-viewing device e.g. your laptop or in my case tablet, you can either just go to your web browser and type the IP address and port e.g. (just an example). This works fine, however, you might want to consider using another app below (if you have a tablet or phone to view the cameras on).

1. Download an app called 'tinyCam Monitor Free'.
2. Run it and click no when it asks if you want to automatically add random cameras.
3. Click the + button or add a camera (under the manage cameras menu).
4. Scroll down the list. When it says 'Camera vendor', change the default to 'IP webcam for android'.
5. Just underneath that, put in your IP and port number from step 2.
6. Back out of the menu until you get to the home screen of the app and press 'Live View'.
7, If you followed the steps correctly, you should see a screen with a view of your kitchen or wherever you chose to put your camera.

Note: If you want your camera to see in the dark, get some infared LED's. Look it up. 
Note 2: Notice how you can have up to 4 cameras connected at any one time... More uses for old android phones!
Note 3: Hours of fun to be had pointing your camera at your viewing screen :D

Have fun spying! ;D

Step 3: Troubleshooting

1. The most common error is to forget to change the camera vendor to 'IP webcam for android'. Make sure you have done that. To see how, look again at step 2.

2. Are both your devices connected to the internet?

3. Does your camera have anything blocking its view?

4. Have you put in the IP address correctly?

5. Have you put in the correct server port?

6. Have you tried turning it off and on again;)