Introduction: Android-Voice-Box [ J.A.R.V.I.S (Artificial Intelligence )]

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"Android Voice Tv Box" is a box containing simple hardware like arduino,bluetooth module,IR-led,T-sop(digital ir receiver ) and a switch. It can provide advantage to control your tv through android mobile by voice inputs, Only You need to say "JASPER" and then speak command channel like "Discovery Channel" and then your "TV" will follow as you says to it.....

The best part of this "BOX" is,It can compatible with all most any TV in the WORLD.

If you want to make your TV More Smarter then follow the steps below and enjoy by speaking commands to your "TV". [I am still trying to add more Channel(s) in the BOX ].

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[Note: For control Your Mobile Music Player u Need to first START the Default music player and then pause then open JVC Application then speak commands & Enjoy :::::

Cmd(s) : [ "play music", "pause music","next song","previous song" ]

I have already attached the software. !!

Step 1: Step 1. Prepare Hardware




4.) IR-LED


6.) 330E (Resistor)

Step 2: Step 2. Check Bluetooth Name

Note:= The reason for checking the Bluetooth name is, Our mobile software will directly connect to the bluetooth module named "HC-05".

1.) Make circuit as shown in image (only Bluetooth and Arduino)

2.) power up arduino via usb cable or external power port.

3.) In your mobile Turn on Bluetooth and open Bluetooth Settings "Search Bluetooth" and Pair

(Default paswd: 1234) with Bluetooth named "HC-05" (must named as HC-05). If your bluetooth has other name then must be changed to "HC-05". [ To Change Name : Follow this Youtube link:=]

Step 3: Step 3. Make Circuit

1.) Arrange the All Hardware as shown in the figure...!

2.) Download Software Here..

3.) Connect your Hardware to pc

4.) Open Software\ARDUINO\LOADER\XLoader.exe

5.) Select you board, "COM PORT" and upload HEX FILE IN-------[ software / arduino / HEX_FILE / HEX.hex ]

6.) Upload It.

Step 4: Step 4. Config Your Box

0.) Switch off the bluetooth power supply (only).

1.) Open Android_tv.exe in --------- [ software/pc/ARDUINO_TV.exe ]

2.) In Box Setting -> select your arduino port and press connect button

3.) Go to the "Program Remote" Tab.

4.) Press Start Button for programming the "BOX"

5.) Press "0" button from your Tv or Set-top Box Remote .

Note: If u press any button from your remote for long time then may be you will see "FFFFFFFF" in your Code text box! (don't press button for long time)

6.) Then press "SET" button in software At "0." position, You will get Code back in the text box (right side of "SET" button At "0." )

Note: ignore "0" at even number of the code back in At (right side of "SET" button At "0." ) see forth image

7.Full Video:

Step 5: Step 5 : Full Config Demo of the BOX

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