Android Phone Used As a GSM Shield for Arduino




Introduction: Android Phone Used As a GSM Shield for Arduino

Here my another video showing how to use app inventor and bluetooth communication to interface an arduino board and an android device. This time I am showing how to use the texting function in order to turn the phone into a free GSM shield for arduino.

If you want more general information on interfacing the two, setting it up and want to see more examples - check my earlier instructable ->
Wiring and code is the same as in that example the only difference is the app.

The app can be downloaded here ->

The source file (allows you to easily modify the app) ->

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi much awaited circuit here I would like to ask a question pertaning to what I am planning to make after 2 weeks or so once I have finished reading my big fat electornic books to start it all over again after 5 years :D ok so this is what I want to ask you that is it possible to receive Sms on mobile due to a triggered event like suppose there is a Gas Lekage in my house where I have interfaced Mq-6 sensor to my Arduino and when it gets triggered the buzzer will sound Alarm and subsequently sms should be gone to the users mobile Many thnx for your advice :)



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yes, that's precisely how you can use it - you can both receive and send text messages as well as make phone calls