Introduction: Andruino R2

Andruino R2: a DIY ROS robot based in Android and Arduino, with iot and deep learning capabilities.

Step 1: Robot Base

Base using a CIC Six Leg Walking Gearbox Kit ( and a piece of cable duct. But any robot base can be used as only 4 cable motors connects base to electronics.

Step 2: PCB

Schematic and PCB can be found in Frizting repository (

With Frizting you can modify the circuit or PCB

Part list can be found on (prices are from 2016, when AndruinoR2 was created, but currently the price is still less than 50 euros)

To connect robot base to electronic only 4 motor cables ar needed to put on the 4 pin female connector mark as Motor 1 and Motor2

Step 3: Programming

Both, Arduino and Android programming could be found on github (

In the Wiki in github there is a "getting started" manual at

Also some python programming could be found to use the robot, as a line follower using cellular camera.

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