Andy Sixx, Black Veil Brides, Make Up

Introduction: Andy Sixx, Black Veil Brides, Make Up

okay so ive been looking through some step by steps for this and thought id put up how i did mine.

okay so the stuff you will need:
*moisterizer (1)
* black eye shadow (2)
* liquid eyeliner (3)
* black eye line pencil (4)
* red lipstick.(5)

1. okay so i started by mositerizing my face so that the make doesnt stain. if you dont know how to moisturize, just put a dolop of mositurizer on your hand and rub your hands together. next just rub all over your face until completly rub in. then wait for it to soak up nad for your face to dry.

2. next get your eyeliner penicil and draw and oval around the eye, going up and around just under you eyebrow bone. the get your black eye shadow, fill in the oval and go over it completly with the eyeliner pencil again.

3. next get your liquid eyliner, and go over all the balck completely giving you a zombie like eye outline.

4. now heres were it gets tricky. first get your liquid eyeliner and at the end of your outer eye draw one line up in a catlike like, then draw another conecting from the top of yout outter eye and colour that in. the starting from your inner eye, draw eyelash like lines until you get to the outer eye, the lines grow in size as you get to the outter eye.

5, then one the inside of your under eye, draw a line, with a raged edy and it go until about the tip of your outter nostril. then draw another raged edged line but make this one longer and to the edge or tip of your mouth or slightly above. then draw another raged edge but only  a small one and do this until you have 4 like mine then on the other eye. BUT on the other eye, make the second one the longest out of them all and do a stich line at the bottom

6. for the mouth, cover your lips in bright red lipstcik, then  outline your lips with your liquid eyeliner and rub your lips together evenly to get the look. for the smile. pull your cheek up wards so the skin is tight and using your liquid eyeliner, draw a line thats goes to about the middle of your cheek (non pulled) then just draw stich lines and walla your done :)

hope this helps

xx courtney

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