Introduction: Anemone Skirt

I've decided to expand my daughter's costume box, and I thought this skirt would be a good addition. I read a lovely poem with my daughter about a girl-flower, who had her petal leaves blown by the wind, to become a cape, and then blown again, to become a skirt, and so on.
I wanted to try and make something like that. I chose some fluffy fabric, that would look nice as a flower skirt. I used an elastic band with velcro as a belt, to make it easier to put on and off, and so that it could easily fit different sizes. 

Step 1: Drawing the Pattern and Marking the Fabric

I started by making a little sketch of a petal leaf on a thick paper. The one I made was 39 cm long, 10 cm at the top and 21 cm at the widest point. 
I marked the fabric, leaving 1.5 cm seem allowances. I think it would actually be easier to have the paper pattern already include the seem allowances. 

Step 2: Making the Petals

I used a double layer of fabric: I sewed each pair of pieces together on their left side, and made zig-zag stitches. Then I turned each leave inside out, and sewed the top. 

Step 3: Preparing the Belt

At this point I measured my toddler's waist, and added a few centimeters. I used a wide (2 cm) red elastic band, 58 cm long. I sewed 4 cm velcro female on the upper side, and 2 cm wide male on the bottom side. 

Step 4: Sewing the Petals to the Belt

Then I sewed each petal to the belt, making some sort of trapeze shape.  

Step 5:

You're done!