Introduction: Angel Wings for Costume

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A project I made for my son's graduation program last year as an Angel singing Hallelujah song.

Because I made it more special, it boost my son's confidence to perform well during their presentation. I was so surprised to see him at center of the stage. Thank God for all the last minute bright ideas.

It was also a right timing in making this for we were invited to join the Church activities in my mother's hometown.

A tradition called "Salubong" or "Easter Vigil" where Kids is being taken down from an arch wearing their angel costumes to welcome the Saints entering the church.

It's so hard to find real feathers... so I improvised using simple materials you can buy at a bookstore.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:

14 gauge wire


White Yarn

White mesh

White 1 inch Garter

White 1 inch Velcro


Feather Pattern

White Metallic Paper Crepe


White Thread

Step 2: The Wire and White Yarn

Bend the wire into desired size of the wings.

Take into consideration that you need to measure the lenght of the back support it needs to make it stay steady while wearing it.

My wing style is to insert it at the back of the costume. Hiding the straps from view. Making it look more realistic.

White Yarn that is wrapped around the wire is optional to the wings. Except for the insert portion of the wings.

It will help you later on when you sew the Garter Strap... not only that, the wrapped yarn will prevent the wire inserted at the back to touch your skin.

Step 3: Mesh and Feather Papers

I sew a white mesh to cover the middle of the wings.

This will help in sticking and filling up the paper feathers.

Once the mesh is there... start putting paper feathers from the bottom part of the wings.

At first, I used scotch tape to hold the outer part paper feather in place.

On the second layer of the paper feather, I start using the double ahesive tape.

I only put like half an inch of double adhesive tape at the base of the first layer paper feather.

Giving it a more natural effect. It should look super flat.

Like letting the top part of the feather sway to your movements. :)

Once it's all filled up, secure the finished part with scotch tape again or you could use the double adhesive tape and make the paper feather of the back and front side stick to each other.

Do this on both sides of each wings.

Step 4: Garter and Velcro

Depends on lenght and the tightness you like the garter to wrap around your chest and waist area. This will surely secure it in place. Just sew the Garter both to the long wire insert that goes to the back.

Wear your costume and insert this angel wing and you're ready to go.

I also made a Halo that goes with this Angel wing using the same wire. Wrapped the ring for the head with an electrical tape and add paper to make the halo a little bit more thicker using paper and wrapping it with gold metallic paper. From a afar... it looks like it's hanging up there in the head.

Hope you like.

Good day!