Introduction: Angelfood Melts

This is my latest favourite sweet snack. Toasted cake topped with melted chocolate, nuts and fruit!

You need:

Angelfood Cake
Chocolate - wafers, chips, chopped or grated.
Slivered Almonds

Frying pan or griddle
Frying pan lid
Spoon for spreading.
Serrated knife or Angelfood cutter
Serving Plates

Step 1: Bake an Angelfood Cake in a Loaf Pan

Bake your angelfood cake in a loaf pan for easy slicing. Line the pan with parchment for ease of release after baking and cooling.

You can use a cake mix or bake from scratch using any recipe.

Baking from scratch is quick and easy if you use powdered eggs or liquid egg whites from the store. No need to find another recipe for all those yolks. (I've gone and made 1 Litre of lemon curd in the past, it's a bit much!)

Step 2: Cool Your Cake, Then Slice.

When your cake has cooled, Peel off parchment paper. it can now be sliced into even servings. (I like to serve 2 slices per person). Use an angelfood cutter, forks or serrated knife to gently cut the cake.

Step 3: Prep Your Toppings

While your cake is cooling, get the toppings you want to use.

I used:
70% dark chocolate,

Toasted slivered almonds,

Fresh raspberries.

You can use any variety of cake, chocolate, nuts and berries. You could even add soft cheeses like cream cheese or mascarpone mixed with some vanilla sugar and lemon zest to create something else grand.

Step 4: Toast Your Cake

Toast your cake slices in a dry griddle or frying pan. Use a Medium Low temperature. The sugars in the cake will burn easily on higher heats.

Step 5: Flip the Cakes

When the underside starts to brown, it is time to turn the cakes over. Put your chocolate on the warmed cake. Cover with a lid to speed the melting, before the other side burns. This should only take a minute.

Step 6: Spread the Chocolate

Transfer the cakes to a plate.
Use a knife, or the back of a spoon to spread the now melted chocolate.
Top with the chopped nuts and fruit.

Serve and enjoy!

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