Introduction: Angelina Fusible Fibers With Conductive Thread

A method of attaching conductive thread to fabric.

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Step 1:

Place fusible fibers on a piece of paper

Step 2:

Layer more fusible fibers

Step 3:

Place conductive thread on top of fusible fibers.

Step 4:

Layer more fusible fibers on top of conductive threads

Step 5:

Test conductive threads with a voltmeter to see if they are touching and shorting the circuit

Step 6:

Place a piece of paper on top of fusible fibers and conductive thread

Step 7:

Iron on hot setting for about 30 seconds

Step 8:

Peal back the top paper.
All fibers should be fused together.
If not put the paper back on the fibers and iron some more.

Step 9:

Remove fused fibers from other piece of paper

Step 10:

Test the conductive threads with a voltmeter to be sure there is a circuit

Step 11:

Make something groovalicious!