Introduction: Angkot Bandung Knitted Amigurumis

I made a parade of amigurumi minivans depicting my hometown (Bandung, Indonesia) ‘s public transportation.

Angkot is short for angkutan kota (means city transportation). Bandung uses different colors for cars servicing different routes. It usually consists of 3 stripes : the base, the body (main color), and a small stripe to separate them. Almost all of them use the color green for at least one stripe, representing the city’s slogan Clean, Green, dan Flowery.

I love how colorful they appear, some of them look like candies! Imagine pink colored minivans!

My friend darkblu79 even documented these candy-colored minivans a couple of years ago and made a wonderful collage photo out of them.

Step 1: What You Need

For this instructables you will need :
- worsted weight yarns, match the color with the car; black yarn for windows and doors, black and grey yarns for wheels.
- size 4 double pointed needles (set of 4)
- size 2 crochet hook
- carton (used cereal box, etc), water bottle cap, pencil --> to make wheels
- polyfill stuffing (or your old pillow stuffing!)
- scissors
- darning needle

Step 2: Make the Car

The amigurumi is knitted. You can make separates (base, body, and roof) and then sew them in the end, or working seamlessly. I chose the latter method.

I don't have the exact pattern for these amigurumis, so I'll just give the general instruction.

First, knit the base of the car to the measurements of approximately 3 inches (7.5 cms) x 6 inches (15 cms). Then with 3 other dpns, pick up stitches from the sides. Knit circularly, change the colors to match the car’s body pattern. Decrease slightly for the car’s front window. Work until it measures 4 inches (10 cms) high. Stop at the front side of the car and start to make the roof. Knit the edge stitches of the roof and the body together as you go (or you can sew them later if you want) until you reach the end. Fill it with polyfill stuffing, and then graft the ends.

Make the windows and the doors with black yarn. Sew to the car’s body. You can also embroidered the windows and the door onto the car's body.

Step 3: Make the Wheels

Make the wheels :
- With the help of the bottle cap, draw circles on the carton. Cut them and make holes at the centers with a pencil.
- With grey yarn, make single crochet through the center hole until the carton is all covered. Slip stitch to the first stitch.
- With black yarn, slip stitch every FRONT LOOP to the end, repeat with slip stitching the BACK LOOP of the stitches to the end. Bind off.
- Sew the wheels to the car’s body.

Step 4: Finished!

Here are the angkots and their real world counterparts

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