Introduction: Angle Cutter Jig for Routers

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In this tutorial, you are gonna learn how to make an angle cutter for your router

I made mine with makeshift materials so I am not showing my lil Quasi Modo to you, but I am giving you the CAD graphics for you to base urself in your Project.

Please remember I am using centimeters and Milimeters in this tutorial.

... It's not rocket science, to be honest, I hope you find it useful

Kick me hard with recomendations, hahah this is my first Ible!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


3 wood pieces:

Wood block: 10 X 20 x 30 cms

Plank: (could be MDF or laminated) 1 X 20 X 50 cms

A piece of 2 by 4, 30 cms long

Wood screws


Router with flat bit


Step 2: The Router Guide:

Take your plank and compare it to your woodblock.

You are gonna mark where the woodblock and the plank meet and mark a line on the plank, where the Wood block meets.

This line is going to be the guide where your router is going to run in. You are to make a hole so as to give you an operation margin. After you have made the hole it should look something like picture 2

Step 3: Installing the Hinge

On the other side of the block, you secure the block, the plank and the hinge making sure the center it ends up centered. This will be the center of calculation of your angle of cutting. It should look like this:

Step 4: The Router Fence

In order to assure your router does not go beyond a certain point (e.g. inside your woodblock), you will need to put a fence so as to retain it from moving into such direction. In order to do so, you install the flat bit into the router, set it to max penetration, and meassure from the widest point of the bit, to one of the flat sides of your router guard (if you have a round router guard, it is the same thing, just make sure you measure the shortest distance posible to the side)

You now transfer that same measure to the router guide you are building, measure that from the router guide hole to the inside of the área on the Wood block, trace a line and on that line you are going to place your piece of two by four so as to make the fence, you can glue it in place or screw it with some woodscrews now you have something like this in picture 2:

Step 5: Angle Control:

In order to control the angle you are to cut, you will install a woodscrew in the center of your woodblock, just under your plan, the more prominent the woodscrew is, the bigger is the angle.

You measure the angle by placing a protractor in the angle of the hinge and measuring the angle taking the woodblock as reference, then measure the space between the end of the woodblock (where the woodscrew is) and the plank, then you screw or unscrew your woodscrew as many times as necessary for you to keep the angle.

You are to measure the angle as inversely proportional to the angle you are needing, for instance, for one of my projects i was needing to créate pieces with a 85° inclination, so I measured 5° in the protractor.

Step 6:

In order to make the cut, you will set the router on máximum

penetration and lock it place, then you will clamp the piece to be cut to the front part of the woodblock right under the guide. Set the bit on the farthest side from the woodblock and clamp the piece securely there, remember the angle goes downwards to the woodblock.

Step 7: And That Was All

Now… why would you need souch a jig?? Well, that is a good question XD

If you have any comment or recomendation, please let me know :)

I am currently using it to build a segmented snare for my drumset, I'll make an Ible for that too if I get the time and if I end up making it well (I hope so)

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