Angle Grinder Hack 6




Introduction: Angle Grinder Hack 6

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This time the 6th angle grinder hack by the make it extreme aims to give a solution to the problem caused by the branches and leaves gathered after the pruning.

Step 1: Machine

Our main aim of creating the particular hack was to make a machine that will be mobilized by an angle grinder and it will cut the leaves and branches into small pieces in order to enable throwing them into the bin later.

Step 2: Start

Initially, using the lathe, we made an axis, on which 12 small chains were placed. These chains are similar to the ones used for cutting the trees with the only difference that the ones that we used are very tiny. We also made a metallic box having both an entrance and exit and it covers the chains and the axis that is supported by two bearings located at the sides of the metallic box.

Step 3:

Finally, connecting the angle grinder on the axis, the axis with the chains revolves with 11000 spins (rpm) and the chain’s teeth cut any wooden item inserts in the metallic box and because of the speedy spinning the wooden object exits like a sawdust.

Step 4: Video

Therefore, the branches take much less from our space now and there is no need burning them.

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    4 years ago

    I agree with the issue of constant sharpening but on the other hand see this as a proof of concept for a grinder hack and not something that is terribly useful or practical. Small size branches are easily cleaned up. But this is a great job of engineering something from scratch and may spark creativity in others. Remove the teeth and add some wheels and make a high speed board launcher, etc.


    4 years ago

    Mulchers are generally made with much larger cutting blades . What will you do when the chainsaw blades are blunt? That will be immediately after you cut up one large branch. You will be forever sharpening them. Not a good design that part . Rest is good like the use of the grinder and its handle hole . I made the bender ,must post a pic . Mine is pink