Introduction: Angle Grinder Wood Lathe, 65$ Cost

I built probably cheapest and simplest wood lathe ever :)

- Construction built from square tubes, portable, can be totally assembled/disassembled in seconds, portable.

- Containing parts:(all together ~ 65 $)

  • Windshiled motor from old car that turns the wood - free (~ 10$ to buy used)
  • Angle grinder holder made from square pipes (~ 4$)
  • Tailstock for supporting other side of wood also made from square pipes (~ 3$)
  • Main 35x35mm tube (~ 4$)
  • Couple of pieces of 40x40 tube used to slide on 35x35mm on x and y axis (~ 2$)
  • Two pieces of 25x25mm pipe as grounding for tail stock and motor mount(~1$)
  • Angle grinder (~40$ used)

Step 1: Windshield Motor

Mount windshield motor on plate with 3 6x20mm mashine bolt. Use nuts to keep all tightened. Make a peak on 8mm bolt and use 8mm thread drill to create thread for connecting peaked bolt with motor bolt(it was 8mm on this motor). Peak winged 8mm nut like on image(that part will stab in wood to prevent it from sliding) and mount it on peaked 8mm bolt.

Step 2: Tail Stock

Tail stock is built from 10 mm threaded rod. It turns freely in square pipe by using 10mm bearing on one side. There is no nedd on other side, two bolts on other side are used to tight the wood. Also on one side of 40x40mm pipe there are two screws to secure tail stock on main tube.

Step 3: Angle Grinder Holder

Angle grinder holder is made from 40x40mm tube, that slides on 35x35mm tube so it can move front and back in y axis when angle grinder is cutting wood. It has two 6mm screws to secure it on position as a tailstock. In front is 40x40mm part of tube that slides on 35x35mm main tube that acts as a x axis. X axis can be long infinitely, depends how long square tube you buy :) Y axis is 30cm long. On other side is 25mm wheel thet helps sliding acros x axis. Angle grinder is mounted with 10mm mashine bolt.

Step 4: Main Tube - X Axis

Main tube is simple 35x35mm tube, it can be long as much you buy it. I bought one 2m in length, thats enough for my needs.

Step 5: Mounting Chain Disk

Buy 125mm chain disk from local store. I paid mine about 13$. You can also use circular saw disk for angle grinder but i found chain disk more efficient.

Step 6: Assemble All Parts

Assemble all parts as on image. Mount 12v converter for powering motor, mount the wood between motor and tail stock, mount your angle grinder, and angle grinder wood lathe is ready to create some table and chair legs, or anything you can imagine. :)

Step 7: Operating

Operating by slowly cutting into wood, in light passes. Basically its safe because windshield motor is rotating much slower than standard motors, but angle grinder spins fast and despite fact that you're not in front of a cutting disk, it spins very fast so its good to have protection on eyes, and wear protective gloves and be prepared.

Step 8: Have Fun

Have fun and be safe.

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