Introduction: Anglerfish Valentine

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This project was created for YuKonstruct's Circuit Scribe Build Night and uses the Electroninks conductive ink pen and a Chibitronics LED sticker.

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For this card you'll need:

Step 1: Make the Card

Cut and fold the cardstock into your desired card size. We used half of a 8.5 x 11 sheet to make a card that will fit in a standard invitation envelope.

Fold over one corner of the card so it will cover your battery. Unfold the flap before drawing your circuit.

Using the conductive ink pen, draw a circuit. We drew our circuit in the shape of an anglerfish because they are incredibly romantic.

You may find it helpful to sketch out your circuit in pencil on scrap paper before drawing it in conductive ink.

One line of your circuit should start at the top of the battery flap and continue to one side of your LED sticker. The other line should connect the opposite side of the LED with the opposite side of the battery. Make sure you are connecting the + side of the LED with the + side of the battery, and the - side of the LED with the - side of the battery. Be careful not to let the lines touch or your circuit will short circuit!

When the ink is dry, stick on the LED sticker.

Place the battery in the corner, fold over the flap and secure it with a paper clip.

Step 2: Give It to Someone You Love

Write a love note on the inside of the card and give it to your valentine.

Some sentiments you might want to try:

  • You light up my life
  • I'm angling for you!
  • I'm stuck on you
  • Of all the fish in the sea, you're the one for me!

If you make your own card, please share a photo in the comments!