Introduction: Angry Balloon

Angry Balloon is a Mechanism which can test the distance and interact with the user. It uses Ultra Sonic Sensor to test the distance of user and display the sentence with LCD, also with LED to show how 'dangerous' the distance is. As the result , when the distance is too closed, it would really explode as a result of small blade and servo motor.

Step 1: Partlist

This is our partlist: we use 1 Uno R3,1 Servo Motor,1 LCD, 2 Ultrasonic Sensors, 1 breadboard, 3 resistors, 1 potentionmeter and 2 LED(Blue and Red).

1. Servo Motor is used with a small Blade to make the 'explosion' of the Balloon. 2. LCD is used to display the tips for user. 3. 2 LEDs represent left and right side, to show how close the distance individually

Step 2: Scheme

This is our scheme of the Angry Balloon, and we can see how the different parts work.

Step 3: Electronics

These two pictures are our electronics schematic and electronics picture, we finish it with fritzing.

Step 4: Actual Circuit

This is our picture of actual circuit.

Step 5: Achievement

This is what actually the machine is.

Step 6: Interaction

This is the movie we interact with the machine. We test different distance and finally it would 'explode' when distance is too closed.