Angry Balloons: Green

Introduction: Angry Balloons: Green

This looks a little more impressive than my red and yellow bird I think and a little more time consuming but I would not call it really difficult.

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Inflate.

You will need a hand pump, 4 260's a black, orange, white (really just a half scrap is enough), and dark green. I actually used two scrap black balloons one a 160 the other a 260 but it was about the equivalent of one. You could use a 260 for both parts of the black. And of course a black sharpie and possibly scissors.
Inflate your balloons, I inflated the green and orange most of the way and burped them. (Let a little air out so that they are not firm). The black was in two pieces so I inflated them to about (the 160)  6 inches, burped, and the 260 I inflated probably 10-12 inches. The white was probably about a foot inflated.

Step 2: Now Twist and Assembly.

Take the green balloon and make a basic bird body, three large bubbles about 6 inches long and pull the third through. Attach a piece of the white approximately the same length of the green body, twist together, the white is the belly so it will be on the bottom.
The orange is the beak and is going to be longer than the body twist it in half and pull the nozzles through the body and secure with a knot.
The black 160 forms the top feathers and you simply twist them into the body.
The black 260 is just two 5 inch bubbles twisted together and secured into the body with the nozzle. If using scraps it can be larger or smaller.
Now you need another small scrap of white 260 or a 5 inch round twisted in half. If using the round or 260 simply twist it between the comb and the top portion of the body. Now draw two black dots for eyeballs.
You are done!

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