Angry Balloons: Red and Yellow

Introduction: Angry Balloons: Red and Yellow

I only made the red and yellow for this instructable but really the white and big red possibly more could be made following this. This is my variation on the theme of basic Angry Bird. With minor changes you have several looks.

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Start Twisting!

You need a hand pump some round balloons, 260's, and markers. Depending on the bird you want to make the colors will change. I used my daughters angry birds bandaids as a picture reference.
For the red I used one red 260, one red 7" round, an orange marker and a black marker, both sharpie.
For the yellow I used a yellow 260, a yellow 9" round, a scrap of black 260, and orange and black marker.

Start by inflating the balloons to your desired roundness. For the red it was a little more round, the yellow I let go almost pear shaped.
Inflate your 260 to fit around your round with a little extra room, maybe three to five inches depending on which one you are making.
Now if you are making the yellow or even the white you will want that black scrap inflated several inches, 6 at most will do it.

Step 2: Twist, Tie, Twist.

The red is easiest so I will explain it first. You have already inflated you balloons now you will tie the two nozzles together. Do not cut the extra off yet. Now wrap the 260 around the round twisting the 260 together at the 'top' of the round. Next you want to make the top feathers make two three inch bubbles and lock twist (basically just a three twist that 'locks' bubbles in place). Secure by bringing the excess through like you would for bird body. Now remove the excess and tie it off.

For the yellow it is slightly different. Wrap the 260 around the round getting the basic size. Now you want to form a triangle, it can be equilateral or not, but make sure the two top sides are the same length. You will pinch twist at the corners to form the triangle. Now after you have your length of balloon pinch twisted secure it to the nozzle of the round forming a triangle. Take your scrap of black and make the top feathers. Two three to four inch bubbles secured to the top is all you need.

Step 3: Now It Is Time to Draw.

Now it is time to draw the faces on. I am going to let this explain it and then also give you the alternatives of my pictures as well.
For the red bird I drew an arrow in the back basically for tail feathers you could do this with the yellow or white as well but it would show through more than I wanted it to.

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