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Introduction: Angry Birds Carnival Game

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Time to pop those pigs, for reals! This is my version of a cute Angry Birds -related game. My husband and I are running a small games booth at a local carnival and I made all the games. (Tip a troll, ring toss, bean bag toss, nerf shoot-out and now, Angry Birds.) I knew that I created something identifiable when the kids would quickly inform their parents that we had Angry Birds. It was so cute!

I chose to come up with a way to pop balloons because it was more accurate to the game, in my opinion. I saw that there was a game in Japan that included plush pigs and knocking them off a pedestal, but I had to give it some "OOMPH" so the kids would be excited about all the action going on. It was funny to see the "big kids" / adults try and win this game for their kids to pick out prizes too!

So if you're doing a carnival or a themed party, or you just want to have a fun game to play at home, etc...check this out. :)

Step 1: Building Your Level

Materials -----------

Paint, acrylic and spray paint (white to prime) acrylic for artwork
Plywood (my dad's scrap wood in garage) and extra for a sign
Big Paint Sticks (from Lowes) 10
Drill, Screws, Nail gun or glue, saw
Balloons, packs of 20 from $1 store
Zip Ties or rope to hang the game
Angry Birds Dog Toys (lol) from walmart

You want to choose a level that you can make with the paint sticks, so I came up with something staggered and basic so that the balloons would be separated and not crowded.

First, I took the paint sticks and I traced them onto the board, where I wanted them. Then I numbered the sticks so that I would know where they belonged once I cut them. You can also sketch out the size of the balloons that you will have on these boards, so that you understand the spacing and placing!


Cut your paint sticks as desired and set them aside from the scraps. You don't want to get them mixed up. But I planned well and I used the same sticks for other parts on the level, so try and do that to minimize any hassle. :)

Step 2: Setting the Boards

I used my dad's nail gun to put the paint sticks onto the game board and the brads were the perfect length. Plus, it was fun to use and it went so quickly!

Step 3: Drilling!

Now it's time to put those pigs in their place. Kinda.

Based on your balloon placement circles, put 1 screw mark in the center of your circle (or 2, an inch apart so that the balloon will rest between them)

From the back, put those screws in and make sure that your length of screw only lets it protrude about a half inch. That way, the balloons still lay on the board.

Next, at the top of your balloon circle, make a diagonal drill-hole so that you can have a second screw to hold the balloon from. (you can do this with clothes pins, etc, if you'd like) . With the diagonal holes, screw the screw in from the back so that it comes in, a little longer than the other screws and it has an angle to it. (You may need longer screws due to the angle.)

I like the idea of double screws because they don't fall out. And the top screw, that you mount the balloon on, the threading holds the latex part onto it pretty well. :) (Only thing to worry about is transport. This thing can be dangerous, so make up some screw covers, or just be cautious.)

Drill a couple holes in the top for the zip ties to hold the board up. I drilled 2 extra holes in the middle top, and put some stretchy string in there that helps me carry it.

You can drill 2 extra holes in the bottom of the board, also, if you'd like to hang a sign from it.

Step 4: Prime It!

I just used some walmart spray paint in white to cover the edges of the paint sticks and everything around them. Let it dry for a few hours for best results!

Step 5: Add the Paint!

Now it's time for the hard part!!! Trying to figure out how you're going to paint this thing!

First I did a layer of pretty blue, almost aqua color. Then I did some strange clouds. After that, I had to paint some strange mountain thing in the background (from my angry birds screen shot), and then once the other layers were done, and dried...I moved onto the weirdo trees with giant leaves that reminded me of Dr. Seuss.

The finishing touch, was creating my own brown color of paint to do the wood/level/boards/paint sticks. You may find yourself overdoing things and trying to straighten your lines. Try not to allow this to drive you insane. My mom and I went back and forth on the bottom line, like 20 times. "You can't do a straight line, let me try. Now it's going UP, ok, add more here.." then the lines keep growing. So try and tame your brush.

It was sweet of my mom to stay up until 4/5am that night, to see how I finished the game for the carnival (at noon that day). Insane, I am.

Next, I coated this FINISHED board with clear spray paint. I did about 4 or 5 coats just to be sure. I let that outside to dry while I went in and painted my sign. The sign, alone, took a long time because of the out-lining I painted. The piggies are cute, though! :D

I also applied a clear coat to the sign. Then I went to bed for a couple hours. :)

Step 6: Let the GAMES Begin!

We set up our canopy and hung it from the bars in the back, which made a perfect throwing range. For the kids who were 3/4/5/6 we just had a pig-killing-marathon and laughed our butts off. They would stand right in front of the board and lightly toss the birds, which would bounce off behind them. After enough tries, they kinda just punched the balloon with the angry birds and they popped. Then everyone cheered and the children had a blast.

The big kids and adults were allowed the option of a slingshot, and this was purchased at Big 5, it's the type of slingshot that has the panel to brace your arm during use. With this model, the birds actually had enough space to fly through and make it to the board. We lucked out! We REALLY wanted to do a huge slingshot, but the bases were never sturdy enough for the pulls and at the same time, light enough for transport.

Either way, it went really well, the kids loved it and everyone had fun. I found myself blowing up trash bags full of balloons and drawing quick pig faces on them, sometimes we'd run out and have to scramble for balloons when a kid wanted to play. But we worked through it! :D

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    8 years ago

    Thank You So Much For Your Brilliant Idea!! Will Most Definitely Use For My Sons BDay Party


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Eep! This is great! And you could do other themes than Angry Birds (when they go "out of fashion"). I need to try this!


    This is awesome! I make carnival/children's type games every year for an event that I volunteer at. I have done the typical balloon pop game, but this is so clever. I may just have to try this at my Relay For Life teams Chinese auction event that is coming up since the other event I make the games for just past last month.

    I bet this will be a hit with both the kids and the adults! Great idea and thanks for posting. If I make one in the next few months for my volunteer events I'll post some pictures ^.^


    10 years ago on Introduction

    "type of slingshot that has the panel to brace your arm during use."
    We called them Wrist Rockets!

    That is so clever! I wasn't sure how you were going to pop them with those birds, but you planned that out perfectly! Awesome!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thank you! and it was just like that at the carnival - they were wondering how these birds could pop the balloons. (just like the game, they just do! :P haha)