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Introduction: Angry Birds Fleece Blanket & Full Pattern

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This Angry Birds Pattern & Instructable can be used or modified to create a variety of Angry Birds inspired projects. For this Instructable, I created an Angry Birds Fleece Blanket for my son - who LOVES Angry Birds! I created a pattern you can download. I also used this pattern to create a Plush Angry Birds stuffed animal - with the exact same pattern except the stuffed animal required additional sewing and a few more pattern pieces for the body of the stuffed animal. So, let's get started!

Materials Needed:
  • Fleece material for the blanket itself - any color you like is fine
  • Felt pieces - in red, black, off-white or tan, white & orange
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • patience!

Step 1: Cut Out Pattern & Pieces

First, cut out all the pattern pieces. Then, layout the colored felt and pin the pattern pieces to the felt, then cut them all out. I did not include  the round circle for the head of the red Angry Bird - because I traced a dinner plate to make my circle. Then, I trimmed the circle down to a size I thought looked nice. I recommend you do the same. Also, I forgot to add the four round circles (two large and two small) to the pattern - for the red spots on the birds cheeks - you can cut these out free-hand if you would like the bird to have them.

Next, make sure your blanket fleece is trimmed and cut to the size you desire. Then locate the area where you plan to sew on the Angry Bird - and mark it with chalk. Layout all the pieces you cut onto that spot, so you can make any changes or move onto sewing.

*If you're making your red Angry Bird on fleece that is also red, then I recommend that you cut out one additional circle in white (either fleece or felt is fine) - and make sure the white circle is about a 1/2 inch bigger than the red one. Then trace and cutout your main red circle in felt or fleece. The reason I did this is to show some contrast in the colors - and the blanket looks nicer this way. Then sew the red circle onto the white one.*

Tips for Sewing:
  • If you have a "fancy" sewing machine, and you are comfortable using a different stitch, something similar to the "blanket stitch" - and you have the time & patience to do so, I recommend it as it looks better & holds the edges in nicely
  • Otherwise, it is fine to stitch with the standard sewing machine stitches
  • I don't recommend stitching all this by hand - as the material becomes very thick and it would be difficult

Step 2: Sewing the Pieces

After sewing my red circle to the white circle, and laying everything out - I then sewed the off-white piece onto the bottom of the Angry Bird's face. Please note, I did not include this piece in the pattern - but I will try to upload it later. If you are creating this now, you can lay the off-white felt onto the red circle, and trim it to fit the same rounded shape and cut it out as you see in the image. Sew it onto the Angry Bird.

Next, I sewed on the Angry Bird's orange beak. And, then I sewed the black piece that goes underneath the whites of the eyes. Then I sewed on the black eyes and the eyebrows, and red spots on the cheeks.

Step 3: Sewing It Onto the Blanket

Now, lay the completed Angry Bird onto the blanket where you want to sew it. At this point, you have sewn everything except for the red thing on its head and the black tail. Pin everything in place. This step was a little tricky for me because my blanket was so large and difficult to use on the sewing machine. Just take your time. After I sewed the round finished head onto the blanket, I then sewed the head thing onto the blanket and I left the black tail so it was only sewn down in one spot. My son liked it that way - sort of looked 3 dimensional. It is up to you!

Step 4: Free Pattern

Here is the pattern - in JPG format. I tried to upload the PDF but it did not allow me to. The JPG image format should work just fine, as long as you do not click "fit to paper size" - just leave it as is. Note, I forgot to add the round red circles for the cheeks and the bottom off-white face piece to the pattern - but will do so at a later date. You can easily cut those out free-hand for now - hopefully! :) Thanks!

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    6 years ago

    I saw your pattern so had to make one for my grandson, only he wasn't happy with just Red bird. He had to have them all! Check out the result:


    Reply 6 years ago

    Becky you are AMAZING and talented! I absolutely LOVE it - that is so awesome!

    My Son loves this I now have to make one for him . thanks for a great instructable Holly


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Awwww how awesome! Can you sew? :) my son is now out of this angry birds phase and obsessed with minecraft...:)))