Introduction: Angry Birds Game

Hi, everyone I have made this amazing game using javascript. Well everyone must have played angry birds game in their life ,its really amazing game so, I tried to make my own version of angry birds game using java script and some coding platforms such as visual studio code and 200 ok web server. I have used a physics engine available online to make the game more like a angry birds game.

Step 1: Step 1: Downloading the Softwares for Programming .

Before starting our project we use a coding platform and a testing platform, you have to download visual studio code and 200 ok web server , its your wish whether you want to download web server or not but if downloaded it will help you to test the game but if you are accurate you can directly upload the game without testing.

Visual Studio Code- Visual Studio code ;

Web server- 200 ok web server .

Step 2: Step 2: Programming a Game

Programming a game is necessary as without this your game is nothing !, so this is very necessary . Have you ever seen the game with your brain , if you have done this you will be knowing the basic code which is there in the game ,I am going tell you a very important thing that when the angry bird is launched from sling it goes with certain force and gravity causes it to go down .Finally when the bird hits the wooden blocks, logs or pigs they move and stop after some time this because of friction, density, restitution etc. . So remember that including above things is very important .

Step 3: Step 3: Testing Our Game

There are two steps of testing game first one includes adding files to webserver as this will help us to see how the code acts if its hosted online, and this will also help you to know if any changes are necessary or any mistakes are done .

Once the first step is done the only step remaining is to see whether the code works properly on a online platform because sometimes it may work in web server but it may not work on an online platform , so testing it on online platform is very necessary, I have used github and hosted the game their.

Step 4: Step 4: Playing ,letting Others Play and Enjoying !

Having your game makes a person proud ,and a game like angry birds is one of the best game in world with 50 millions player and 200 million minutes of playing per day. Once the game is made you will enjoy slaying the pigs.

I am sharing the

code -Code for our project ;

working - Angry birds game .