Angry Birds Open Face Sandwich With Common Ingredients

Introduction: Angry Birds Open Face Sandwich With Common Ingredients

I have seen a lot of takes on 'Angry Bird' themed food, but my daughter won't eat most of the ingredients (like olives). I made her a quick snack of 2 open faced sandwiches, made with cheese and lunch meat, and simple condiments. She loved them!

salami or other lunch meat
cheese (we used Muenster)

Butter Knife

Step 1: Cut the Bread

1. This step is pretty simple, place your salami onto a piece of bread and cut around it, giving yourself a little circle of bread.

My daughter was at my elbow the entire time, and ate the trimmed pieces of bread. :)

Step 2: Cut the Cheese

2. Trim the cheese to fit the salami and bread. I recommend removing the brea, and cutting the cheese around just the salami. Layer the bread, cheese and salami as shown.

Feed the trimmed scraps to your little one, or sneak a bite yourself!

Step 3: Angry It Up!

3. Add a glob of mustard and a glob of mayo to a spare dish or napkin. Using a toothpick, add little globs of mayo for eyes (you can use the toothpicks to tease it into the shape you want) and add the mustard accents. To get the straight lines, lay the toothpick on its side into the mustard, then lightly press it onto the salami, to make the beak and eyebrows.

There you have it, easy and fast Angry Birds Open Face Sandwiches! Only took 5 minutes, and the smile my daughter had lasted all day!

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    Little Mom on the Prairie
    Little Mom on the Prairie

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, my daughter thought they were awesome and actually ate one before I finished making them,thats why you see I started with 2 and ended with only one for my pictures! :)