Introduction: Angry Birds in a Box


The game is pretty simple to make. All you need is tape, scissors, and a rubber band.

Step 1: How to Make the Slingshot

Basically all you do is cut two slits on the side of the box to make the flap, then slip the rubber band onto the flap, then put tape on the lip of the flap and tape the flap inside the box.

Step 2: What It Looks Like

This is what the slingshot will look like when you are done. I forgot to mention to cut a small piece of cardboard where my thumb is and slip that in the back of the rubber band.

Then all you do is get a descent angry bird toy, (I got the angry bird speedsters toys the ones with the wheels) put it on the slingshot, pull the small piece of cardboard back and watch it fly and hit the tower!!

Step 3: Finished

All done! Mission accomplished!!

You can use toy blocks or small pieces of wood for the tower with numerous possibilities!!

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