Angry Rice Balls




Introduction: Angry Rice Balls

This was my quick take on Angry Birds rice balls. You can get more complicated or change some of the ingredients. It is up to you. This took me about 18 minutes to do. 

Get your materials together. 

    Steamed Rice
    Nori paper
    Plastic wrap
    Food Color

Making of the Bird
Add Ketchup to your steamed rice and form a ball using the Saran wrap. Form another ball from the rice without ketchup. Then combine the two. Cut the carrot to form the beak and the feathers. Next, take a straw and cut out the eyse from a slice of Provolone cheese. Use the scissors to cut pupils and eyebrows from the nori paper.

Making of the Pig
Add food coloring to some rice. Be careful not to add too much or your pig will look like a zombie. Roll out four balls. One large and three small. Flatten one of the balls, a little, to make the nose. The other small one will be added to the large ball. Cut out the Provolone cheese again for the eyes. Cut the American cheese into the shape of a crown. Add nori paper for the eyebrows, nose, ears, and pupils. 

Use your imagination and make a mess. 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent! This would do really well as a step-by-step Instructable!