Introduction: Animal Candy Boxes

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Hi Everyone!

This instructable was made, cause my daughters birthday will be within a month, and my wife wants to make something especial as souvenirs for our guests.

Most of the Instructable was her idea. I only gave her some tips, about how to make the templeates, the animal pictures research, and of course, A LOT of marking and cutting. All credits to her.

So, the idea came from some pured baby food that we use to bought. Some day, the traditional blue and silver cap, was replaced with some colored animal faces.

Then my wife shows them to me, and we decide to keep the caps for "something in the future".

Later, she came with the idea about making foam animal masks for my daughter birthday. This idea evolve until the project you're about to see.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Color Foam Sheets

White paper

Masking Tape

Cartoon Animal Faces

Hot Glue Sticks

Hot Glue Gun


Pen or fine marker


A LOT of patience

Step 2: Making the Templates

First, I made a Google search for "Animal Cartoon Faces" and choose the ones I like.

Then, I place them on a word file and scale it to the circumference of the lid.

Once the pictures have the right size, using masking tape (to avoid glue on my TV) I place a white paper sheet over the screen, and proceed to carefully trace the line of the pieces I want.

Then, I cut the pieces using scissors, and later, using the paper templates, proeed to trace this ones, over the foamy sheets.

Step 3: Cutting the Pieces

Once you have all the foamy pieces traced, it's really helpfull to mark the pieces of each animal, with a number, to keep all the pieces, of different colors together.

Then, using scissors, I proceed to cut all the foamy pieces.

Step 4: Making the Head

To make the head, first we cut a 15 cm (6 Inches) foamy square, and heat it up with a hair straightener.

Then, i put it over the lid and press it down to shape it as a lid cap.

Once it's cool down, open the lid, and trim excess foamy.
Use some hot glue, to fix the foamy cap over the lid.

Step 5: Making the Body

This step is optional, we did it to gave more color to the project, but the transparent glass, with the candy inside, looks really great.

To get the body template, first meassure the height of the glass container, within the round corners.
Cut some paper, with the same height and long enough to circle the body.

Mark the place where the edge overlaps on the paper, and cut it.
Now. meassure the lenght of the template, and trace it over a foamy sheet.

Cut the pieces, and glue them around the glass container.

Step 6: Adding Foamy Details

Now than we have the heads and bodys ready, it's time to add the pieces for the animal details.
Just get the pieces, and add them with the hot glue. Use the word file as guide for the correct placement.

Step 7: Adding Face Details

Using the same word file, add the details as mouth, eyes, etc. with fine permanent marker. For the white details (as the panda bear) you could use a white correction pen, or white acrilyc paint and a tooth pick.

Step 8: Now Feed Them Up!

And, they're done!
Now, just add the candy inside, and get ready to party!

Hope you guys like it. Please feel free to suggest any improvements to the project, and share your's!

Also, sorry by my grammar, any correction we'll be appreciated.

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