Introduction: Animal Cards

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These cards are great for kids from first grade to pre k and they love them

Step 1: Materials

You will need paper,scissors,crayons,and a pencil.

Step 2: Making Cards

Now cut the paper into as many 5 by 3 inches cards and take one.

Step 3: Making Cards

Now put a small circle in the top right corner and make a space and put an animal name like narwhal tiger I don't know your choice then on the top left corner say if it's rare or common then around the bottom make a line so you can put the animal stats under it.

Step 4:

Now under the stats line say life powers friends and likes.

Step 5:

Now fill in the stats say how much life you think it would have name it's powers and that.

Step 6:

Now in the circle on the top right corner put where it lives.

Step 7:

Now make a picture of that animal and color it in and wrap it in tin foil and then give it to a little kid I recommend putting 2 cards in a pack but your choice and you can sell it for money if you would like to this what looks like done and other one wrapped in tinfoil.