Introduction: Animate Christmas Lights

Hack simple store–bought holiday lights flash in fun rhythms!


  1. Sparkfun protosnap
  2. basic breadboard
  3. several 1 kilo-ohms resistors
  4. several jump wires
  5. cheap LED holiday lights


  1. a plier


  1. Remove bottoms of christmas lights
  2. plug your Sparkfun or Arduino into your breadboard
  3. In order, plug in the resistor, LED, and jump wires
  4. Connect your LEDs to respective pins
  5. ground your circuit (schematic and images above)
  6. upload code! (code available as attachment)


Cheap replacement LED holiday lights



The files are available for download above.

"Dimming" : Shorter int call version
"Dimming2" :The long, original version

"Blink":simply blinking without fading

You can find the original Arduino code at Files>Examples>BasicsEdit the pinMode numbers to match the Sparkfun pinMode numbers you connected to.

The code for my specific solution is in a screen shot above.