Introduction: Animated GIF Logo

Take your logo and transform it into an awesome animated GIF!


Note that the these instructions were made on a Mac with Photoshop CS6, so if you're a different operating system or software, some of the menus and panels might be in a different place.

Step 1: A Cool Animated GIF As Your Background

You can either create a cool animated GIF as your background (check out the numerous fantastic tutorials here on Instructables) or do like I did and go to a pick out one like this.

Step 2: Open Your GIF in Photoshop

Now open your GIF in Photoshop (or something similar). Notice a couple things: The multiple layers on the lower right side Layers panel and the Timeline panel at the bottom of the screen. The Gif is animated by looping a series of images, in this case each layer is switched visible for 1/10 of a second. The Eye next to a layer indicates that the layer is visible, the square indicates that it is hidden. In the picture, Layer 1 is visible, and all the other layers are hidden. In the timeline you can see the order of the animation frames, and that each one is visible for .1 seconds. If you click on each of the frames, you'll see a different image is visible and the rest are invisible. Below the Timeline, it says Forever, this means the animation will continuously loop forever.

Step 3: Add You Logo

Add your logo by creating a new layer (Layer Menu -> New -> Layer). In the layer Panel on the lower right side, grab your new layer and move it the the top of the list, making it the top most layer. Now paste your logo in this layer, and resize/reposition it to your liking.

Step 4: Change the Logo's Blending Mode

Now we need to get rid of the white background of the logo. To do this we simply change the logo's layer's blending mode to darken, this will ignore all that white and just show what is dark. In the layers panel on the bottom right, above all the layers is a drop down menu (next to opacity). It probably says normal, click on it and change it to darken. That's it, the white background is now gone.

Step 5: Crop and Save

Crop any excess area, by selecting what you want to keep and cropping the image (Image menu -> crop). You can test you animation if you want by clicking on the play button at the bottom of the Timeline panel. Now save your GIF by going to the File menu and selecting Save for Web. Here choose GIF as the file type, and GIF 128 No Dither.

Step 6: Enjoy

That's it.



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