Animating With Krita!




Introduction: Animating With Krita!

How to Download and animate on the free program Krita!

Step 1: Search "Download Krita" on Some Sort of Search Engine.

1. Search "Download Krita".

2. Click on the link -- --

Step 2: Press the Button to Download.

1. It should open a link that looks somewhat like this.

2. If your screen looks like this at the moment click on the blue button at the top that says "Windows Installer".

Step 3: Click "Open"

1. Once you click Download a button should pop up at the bottom of your screen.

2. This button should look somewhat like the picture and have an arrow that looks like this: ^

3. Click this little arrow and push "Open when Downloaded" or "Open"

Step 4: Now Grab Your Drawing Tablet and Play With All the Brushes First!

1. You do need a drawing pad to have the brushes work, you can't use a mouse!

(I'm using a Wacom Drawing Tablet!)

2. Click "new file" to get a new sheet to draw on!

3. Just have fun with it

Step 5: How to Animate on Krita!

1. Click "New File"

2.( Hover Over / Click) the settings option in Krita

3. Click Dockers

4. Click Animation (to get all your brushes,click "show dockers")

Step 6: How to Actually Animate!

1. In the Left corner, there is a thing that has animation settings

2. it should look like this ^

3. This is going to be how you control your animation


1. draw your first frame

2. click the up arrow in the setting

draw your new frame

3. once you are done with all your frames click the start and end and set start to 1 and end to whatever frame your animation ends on!

4. Once you are finished click play!

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    2 years ago

    Please update this article to have proper images! Not only are you using photos of your screen instead of screenshots (which aren't hard to take and look WAY better) but your images are also the wrong way round which makes them very hard to understand.


    2 years ago

    Thank you Megan! I didn't know this website, and this awesome software! I made my first animation on it thanks to you (Kirby) :) Before i used Opentoonz, a good soft too but more difficult. Here is the result and I shared my process here See you soon!

    eka icydust
    eka icydust

    Reply 2 years ago

    wow your animation is really cool!
    its so clean and smooth (unlike mine)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Many thanks Eka! :)