Introduction: Animation Light Box

While a student  I built this simple light box using scrap wood, plexiglass, a salvaged switchable cord, and a shallow light fixture. I would like to show others how I did it in case anyone would like to build one for themselves.

Step 1: Materials

I used 5/8" high density particle board because that's what I had and its easy to work with.  But the box can be build with other plywood's or even 2x4's if someone really wanted to. I used a router to create a lip for the plexiglass to lay flush with the table top. It would work just as well and take less time to cover the entire table with a 16" x 13" piece of plexiglass.

Step 2: Assembly

Now time to start putting things together. Attach the cord to the proper terminals on the light fixture. I decided to put hot glue over the contacts after connecting the wires to make it a little safer. I also decided to counter sink all the screws because I'm picky about those things, but it is time consuming and not completely necessary for the plywood portions. 

Step 3: Finished Product

Now its time to find a peg bar, some animation paper, and start animating.